Specialty Products for the Building Supply Industry

Bonding Agents & Cleaners

Acrylic Modifier for Cement - Acrylic Concrete Bonding Agent and Strengthener 

Basic Use: Acrylic Modifier for Cement is a specifically designed liquid polymer that increases the adhesion and strength of Portland cement mortar mixes. It will cause them to hold tenaciously to old concrete, brick, and other substrates. At the same time, the flexural, impact, and compressive strengths are more than doubled. Also, properly modified cement is made self-curing and eliminates the need of adding curing agents to the mix.

Features & Benefits:
  • Self-curing formulation which translates to reduced cost for end user.
  • Tremendous adherence to a variety of substrates.
  • Provides greater flexural strength.
  • Increases resistance to abrasion and impact damage.
  • Concrete that has been modified is longer lasting than unmodified concrete.

Weld - Poly Vinyl Adhesive for Concrete, Plaster, and Stucco

Basic Use: Sealwall Weld is a homopolymer resin emulsion developed specifically as a bonding agent and fortifying admixture for concrete, plaster, and stucco. Weld is a long-lasting, high-strength adhesive that enables new mortar, concrete, and plaster to be successfully bonded to all concrete products, cinder block, brick, tile, wood, steel, and other similar surfaces.

Features & Benefits:
  • Eliminates the need for deep cutting - concrete patches containing Weld can be feather edged.
  • Mortar mixed with Weld resists disintegration effects caused by acids.
  • Reduces the need to scarify or roughen the surface to achieve bond.
  • Can be applied to damp or dry surfaces.
  • Non-flammable - There is no fire danger when mixing or applying, and Weld will not burn.

Clean Etch - Dry, Granular Masonry Cleaner

Basic Use: Clean Etch is a dry, granular sulfamic acid cleaner. It dissolves quickly in water and forms a solution that is non-volatile, chloride-free, and odorless. In solution, it does not emit objectionable or corrosive fumes. Clean Etch is fast-acting and rinses easily.

Features & Benefits:
  • Easy to use - Just add water.
  • Since Clean Etch is sold in dry form, safety of handling acids is improved.
  • Non-volatile so there are no corrosive, objectionable fumes or odor.
  • Will not stain stone, brick, copper, or aluminum.
  • Indefinite shelf life.
  • One pound of Clean Etch equals the same working amount of 2.3 pounds of 18º Baume Muriatic Acid.